Overview of the Field

The Philosophy of Agricultural Science is a critical and philosophical reflection on the nature of agriculture and agricultural science in the modern era.
When we consider the mission of agriculture and agricultural science to be the production of safe food to sustainably feed a growing population, sustainable production technology systems that consider the environment and human life are necessary.
However, as these aspects of production are often embedded in existing social systems, it is impossible to think about them without considering the social and cultural settings where agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are operated and studied. It is necessary to incorporate social, economic, and ideological contexts that define the present into our analysis in order to envision agriculture and agricultural science for the future.
With this mission in mind, the purpose of our field of study is to fundamentally reexamine the current state of agriculture and society in order to discover a way forward, using methodologies from economics, sociology, philosophy and ethics, anthropology, the history of ideas, the history of science, and cultural studies.

Research Methods and Themes

Agricultural Philosophy, Agricultural and Rural discourse and Environmental philosophy

Connecting food and agriculture through forming new relationships

Comparison of agricultural and rural communities based in field work

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